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Seismic design for non-structural building services

Do you need help to meet AS1170.4 code requirements?

Building services are considered "non-structural" items, however, the Nation Construction Code (NCC) requires that their design and installation complies with a number of structural standards. Contractors throughout Australia frequently encounter significant technical and financial challenges in complying with these codes. 

KUSCH not only understand the intent of the clauses within these codes, but also understand the challenges contractors face on-site, and strive to design support systems that require the minimum amount of labour and material to construct.

We are a team of Structural and Mechanical Engineers, who collaborate with project architects, builders, mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic consultants, as well as D&C Contractors, to provide cost-saving guidance on code restraint requirements and permitted exclusions. Our mission is to provide you with maximum seismic resilience for minimum overall cost.


The earlier you speak with us, the more cost savings we can engineer into your designs. Quick phone calls are FREE.

We would hate for you to make a major seismic decision without speaking with us first.

Talk to us early, talk to us often.


Seismic Restraint Design

KUSCH Seismic have specialist expertise in the design of seismic restraint systems for building services, enabling us to provide you with efficient and economic AS1170.4 compliant designs.

Seismic designs are produced in the form of 2D plans, and details, and can include 3D Revit models where full BIM and coordination is required. 

Our designs are supported through the construction phase with on-site guidance, inspections and certification of completed installations.

Seismic Engineering Specialists

Seismic Bracing Products

KUSCH Seismic can save you time and hassle by providing a complete design and supply service. We supply a range of seismic bracing products to ensure we provide the most effective solution for your specific requirements.

At KUSCH we understand the pros and cons of available bracing products and thrive on delivering the most efficient solutions. It is not uncommon for our design and supply approach to save our clients 10-40% in material and labour costs.

Call us today to discuss how we can help you achieve an economical and compliant seismic installation.

Help Desk

Talk to us early, talk to us often

Quick phone calls are FREE. We love to save you money and headaches. We'd hate for you to make a major seismic decision without running it by us first.

The earlier your speak with us, the less hassle and expense you will incur in the long run. 

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