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While working as a young Engineer on commercial and residential projects, Martin Kusz noticed that many Structural Engineers appeared to view Architects as the enemy.


The Architect's eye for beauty was viewed as making life more complicated for the Structural Engineer. Meanwhile, a keen musician and artist at heart, Martin thrived on finding solutions to enable Architects to realise their most creative designs.

In 2013, as a Chartered Structural Engineer, Martin opened his own Engineering firm with the belief that cooperation and a can-do approach would enable the most imaginative & complex projects to be brought to life.

Hence, the KUSCH logo represents two hands coming together in synergy, from different worlds, to push the boundaries of what is possible in the built environment.

From the humble beginnings of the backyard shed, KUSCH has grown in scope and size every year. KUSCH have completed thousands of projects throughout Australia and abroad. Success has been built on word of mouth and repeat business as the KUSCH team consistently solve clients' problems in the most efficient, creative and functional ways. The KUSCH team of Structural, Mechanical and Seismic Engineers continues to grow year by year. Scroll down to meet some of our innovative specialists today. 

Meet The Team

Problem Solving Central

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We believe humour and adventure ignite creativity. We love what we do and take advantage of every opportunity to have fun on the journey.


We believe in being open, transparent & truthful in all we do.


We believe in a can-do approach.

We are solution-focused, not problem-focused. We are continually innovating and refining practical solutions to solve our client's problems. 


We believe everyone we meet knows something we don't. Therefore, we seek to be curious - willing to listen & learn. 

Ego is our enemy.


We believe people are our highest priority. KUSCH has been built on referrals and repeat business because we care about our people. We seek to enhance the lives of our team, partners and clients in all we do.

At KUSCH our Mission is to:

"Enhance the lives of our team, partners, clients and the community in all that we do." 

Find out how KUSCH manage, practice and review our commitment to this mission.

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