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The KUSCH Company Wellness Program seeks to enhance the individual and collective wellbeing of the team.


This includes the physical, emotional & social aspects of the individual and collective team that work at KUSCH.


Our Core Values form the foundation of a vibrant, friendly, and positive culture at KUSCH.


At KUSCH we believe investing in relationships and a healthy lifestyle leads to greater productivity, creativity, and overall higher performance at work. Therefore, we actively encourage the team to get outdoors and enjoy life with family and friends as much as possible.

Practical Application

KUSCH seek to enhance the day to day experience of work by providing:

Image by Lucrezia Carnelos

Flexible Work Options

  • Optimal personal start and end times

  • Work-from-home options

  • 1-2 Annual KUSCH Chill Days (RDO’s) in addition to regular leave entitlements

  • Family friendly schedules to encourage parent participation at school events or other important family occasions

Image by Sarah Dorweiler

A Healthy Office Environment

  • Sit-stand workstations

  • Greenery & natural light filled offices

  • Noise cancelling headsets for comfort & concentration when needed

  • Laptops & cloud-based software for flexible “work anywhere” office options


We believe that relationships are the most important thing. The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. Therefore, at KUSCH we encourage openness, connectivity and teamwork:

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“To enhance the lives of our team, partners, clients and the community in all that we do.”

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