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We believe in a can-do approach. We are solution-focused and are continually innovating and refining practical solutions to solve our client's problems. Expand your knowledge on seismic requirements with the


a collection of information to assist with understanding the structural design of seismic requirements.

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Understanding seismic requirements.


KUSCH has designed structural and seismic solutions for thousands of projects throughout Australia. Known for practical and innovative solutions, KUSCH has been built on referrals and repeat business. To see more projects and example of KUSCH design work click here.

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Enquire today about a training session for your core team with one of KUSCH engineers. The information gained in the session will bring your core team up to date on seismic requirements and more importantly to identify when it applies to the scope of work your company completes. 

Session will be 45minutes hour via Google Meet, Zoom or........

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