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Understanding seismic requirements.


KUSCH has designed structural and seismic solutions for thousands of projects throughout Australia. Known for practical and innovative solutions, KUSCH has been built on referrals and repeat business. To see more projects and example of KUSCH design work click here.

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    • Alpine Residential

      KUSCH enjoyed providing Engineering support on this “1970s Japanese spaceship” home by March Studio, featured in several publications.

    • Playground Structures

      Eddy, as in "an eddy of water" is the brainchild of Ben Gilbert at Agency of Sculpture. KUSCH provided the Engineering advice to keep this playful structure floating safely mid-air. Read more in the Border Mail:

    • Alpine Structures

      As avid skiers the KUSCH Structural team were delighted to verify certification for the New Eagle Chair Lift at Falls Creek Resort.

    • Hospitals

      KUSCH have worked on many hospitals throughout Australia. We're committed to providing safer more effective structures for humanity. We believe in humanitarian engineering enabling positive community outcomes. One of our key roles is to secure the non-structural services in hospitals across Australia. This is done to enable our hospitals to stand post-disaster, and ensure treatment for those in need remains available.

    Enquire today about a training session for your core team with one of KUSCH engineers. The information gained in the session will bring your core team up to date on seismic requirements and more importantly to identify when it applies to the scope of work your company completes. 

    Session will be 45minutes hour via Google Meet, Zoom or........

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