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Seismic and Structural Engineering Specialists

There doesn’t need to be a notable earthquake to stop a building from functioning.
Earthquake engineering reduces the costs of labour, quality and insurance- and not employing a
seismic engineer is risk people are increasingly less willing to take.


Specialists in their field, KUSCH Consulting Engineers have completed thousands of projects throughout Australia and overseas. KUSCH’s success has been built around happy clients, with the team consistently able to provide solutions in the most efficient, creative and functional ways.

KUSCH is actively involved in research and development of seismic design methods and
bracing products.

KUSCH also provides engineering design and technical support to several national and
international manufacturers involved in the development and production of seismic bracing
products. KUSCH understands the challenges contractors face, and has the experience and expertise to
deliver practical, economical and seismic design solutions.

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