Seismic and Structural Engineering 

Maximum resilience for minimum cost

Seismic Engineering 

Seismic Solutions

KUSCH understands the increasing challenges you face complying with seismic design requirements that are now commonly mandated within building services contracts in Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea.


We understand that seismic events occur rarely, particularly within Australia, but can and do cause catastrophic consequences for our communities. Balancing the rare but extreme, our mission is;


Maximum seismic resilience, for minimum overall cost.


We strive to deliver practical, economical & build-able seismic solutions, reducing material and labour costs wherever possible. We will work with you throughout the entire design & installation process to achieve compliance with relevant seismic standards in the most practical way possible.


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Structural Engineering

Structural Solutions

KUSCH Structural is a team of local Structural Engineers in Mount Beauty, Victoria. We work with local Architects and Builders throughout Victoria, to provide Structural Engineering solutions in building design and documentation.


We strive to engineer solutions to bring you the most economical, creative, and functional outcomes.


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Past Projects

KUSCH has designed structural and seismic solutions for thousands of projects throughout Australia. Known for practical and innovative solutions, KUSCH has been built on referrals and repeat business. Here is a small sample of some past projects.


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The Jewel Towers
Gold Coast

October 2017 - Present

Apec Haus
Papua New Guinea


New Royal Adelaide 



Perth Children's Hospital


Blacktown Hospital


Eagle Chair Lift
Falls Creek


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